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About Us
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Our SECME club at Dr. Phillips High School, is composed of diverse and unique minds.

Dr. Phillips SECME

Dr. Phillips High School has been a participant in the SECME program for the past sixteen years. It has instilled in us a since of pride and acceptance in the diversity of our campus. We aspire to be a mere highway on the global road map to success in mathematics, science, and engineering careers.

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Our Mission

We, members of Dr. Phillips High School SECME Club, share the responsibilty for educating each individual student, emphasizing the development of academic, technical, artistic, vocational, leadership, and interpersonal skills.These skills, can best be developed in a nurturing and friendly environment where students from diverse backgrounds can experience a feeling of acceptance and self worth, resulting in them becoming positive contributors to our school, our community, our nation, and our world.

DPHS SECME Club, 6500 Turkey Lake Road, Orlando, Florida 32819