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Profiles of the Not so Rich and Famous


Name: Jennifer
Age: 26
Hometown: Oviedo, Fl
Race: American
Relationship Status: Taken
Interest, Hobbies, Etc...,
Autistism, Sign Langauge, Behavioral Therophy, Nature and of course Loody


Name: Shannon
Age: 27
Hometown: The Great White North
Race: Native American
Relationship Status: Looking
Interest, Hobbies,etc...,
Anything Outdoors


Name: Joel
AKA: Big Spic
Age: Old Enough
Race: Mexican
Hometown: ?
Relationship Status: Tooken and Still Looken
Interest, Hobbies, etc..,
Fast Cars and Fast Women


Name: Crack Whore
Age: 14
Hometown: Jersey
Race: Trailer Trash
Relationship Status: Hooken
Interest, Hobbies, etc..,
Cracken and Slacken
Double Stuffed and Finger Cuffed


Name: Loody
Age: 23
Hometown: Paris, France
Race: French
Relationship Status: Taken
Interest, Hobbies, etc...,
My Angel Jennifer, Sports, Movie, Travel, Modeling, Acting, and Commercial.


Name: Corey
AKA: King of the Players
Age: 25
Race: Jewish Lawyer
Hometown: NYC
Relationship Status: not tooken and not looken
Interest, Hobbies, etc..,
B-Ball, Video Games, Playin Women, and Private Corey Time


Name: Jamie Lynn
Age: 25
Race: White/redneck
Hometown: Orlando, Fl
Relationship Status: Looking
Interest, Hobbies etc...,
Nice Butt's and Big Trucks , Ice Cream, Country Music, Kenny Chesney and Fishing


Name: Cathy Lee
Age: 40
Hometown: Starke Florida
Relationship Status: Taken
Interest, Hobbies, etc...,
fishing, camping, traveling


name: Christian
AKA: Little Spielsberg
Age: 19
Race: Ukranian, British, Russian, Canadian
Hometown: Clearwater, Fl
relationship status : Looking
Interest, Hobbies, Etc...
Making movies, the beach, camping and outdoors, watching movies, roller costers, and I own a production company