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Here are some sites that belong to Uncle Gary's gang or sites where you may find us hanging out. Check them out, they are great. -


In Loving Memory of Master Cheif McFarland. You touched so many of our lives.

Tree Frog Pictures

Tree Frog Pictures is a site that belongs to our favorite film maker and dear friend check him out the kids got talent.

Great Oaks Baptist Church

Great Oaks Batist Church is where you can find most of us on Sunday morning its a great church come visit one sunday we will make you feel welcome.

Curtis Earth Trivia

Curtis Earth Trivia has become some what of a ritual with Uncle Gary's Gang its great fun if your ever in Orlando check out his show.

Cathy Lee

This Cathy's site go check out the animals. But where is the ducks ?

Billy Butt-Crack

Well it's Billy's site you just have to see it.

Billy Butt-Crack page 2

If you like car and truck stuff I geuss its cool.

Loody's Modeling

Loody's Modeling pictures and resume


Am I A Redneck or not?